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Hormonal Acne

Written by Azadeh Razavi
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In women, hormonal acne occurs mid-cycle, about two weeks or 10 days before menstruation. Hormonal acne is not just a teenage problem. Many women experience it even in their thirties and forties. It is all about hormonal Imbalances. Once this imbalance presents, you will see some pimples occurring all over the face or around your chin, nose, and jawlines, chest or back.

Risk factors leading to hormone imbalance

  • Unhealthy diet and lifestyle
    • Avoid :
      • Sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods 
      • Gluten and wheat 
      • Chocolate 
      • Fried and fast foods 
      • Limit caffeine and Smoking
  • Stress, emotional or physical stress
  • Toxins from the environment and food we consumed.
  • Pregnancy and monthly period.
  • Puberty and growth spurts.
  • Birth control pill consumption (which disrupts natural hormone production inside the body).

When a hormonal imbalance occurs, women are suffering from excessive male hormone—or androgens production. Excessive production of male hormones, one of which is testosterone, triggers the over-production of oil under the skin known as sebum. This often leads to clogged pores that develop into acne and pimples on the skin's surface.

Hormonal Acne 2

How to control hormonal acne naturally

Since it is triggered by hormonal imbalance, hormonal acne is often complicated to treat. However, there are some ways that can be helpful in controlling hormonal acne naturally. These methods emphasize controlling your hormone production and its balance so that hormonal acne breakouts can be minimized.

Hormonal Acne 1

One of my First Suggestions for my clients is a natural hormonal Cleanse followed by hormone balancing through natural supplements and diet.

Some Tips

  • Fish containing omega-3 fatty acids also helps minimizes androgens production and thus, is essential for balancing your hormones. Adding GLA-rich Supplements would be very helpful as well.
  • Add some anti-androgens foods, such as green tea, spearmint oil, and pumpkin seed oil to your daily intake to your diet.
  • Decrease your consumption of milk, as milk contains DHT, which is able to bind to the receptors in the oil glands which leads to increased oil production.
  • Adding fiber to your foods is essential in promoting balanced hormones because fiber is researched to be able to decrease blood testosterone, which has a significant role in acne prevention.

Topical remedies

  • Manuka Honey—contains antibacterial that helps get rid of infesting bacteria around the infected skin
  • Apple cider vinegar—this contains gentle exfoliating acids to calm acne and balance the skin’s PH.  To use this remedy, mix a glass of water with some drops of apple cider vinegar and keep it refrigerated. In the morning and afternoon, spray the mixture onto your face to improve acne-affected skin. This remedy is not only useful for acne, but also for skin rashes and fungal infections.

Top Natural Acne Remedies

  • Probiotics (Helps to boost the Immune system, Indigestion, and help to reduce Bacteria and Candida overgrowth).
  • Zinc (Promotes immune function and reduces the buildup of DHT to improve skin healing)
  • Hormone Balancing compound ( including DIM, I3C, Liver Cleansing herbs )
  • Omega 3 fish oil
  • GLA from Borage Oil


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