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Help your body heal itself naturally


   Benefits of Homeopathy
Safe, Natural and effective
Can be used alongside conventional medicine
Increase your energy level
Strengthens your immune system
Improve your perception of life
Mine Body Medicine
Individualized treatment(specific to you based on totality of your symptoms)


The eyes are the windows of the soul & the window of the body


Iridology is the science of analysing the iris of the eye. It is a unique form of health analysis -a simple and painless, noninvasive method of analysis. It reveals inflammation, where located and in what stage it is manifesting. The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, level of health and the transitions that take place in a person's body according to the way he lives.


A Nutri Body Assessment will answer the following questions and more!


Are you getting all the nutrients your body requires?
Do you have hormonal imbalances?
How is your blood sugar level affecting mood swings, depression, anxiety, headaches, weight gain, etc.?
Are food sensitivities / allergies causing you physical and emotional distress?

Cancer Coaching

You are the author of your own health or disease


This is a complete program offered to help the cancer patient with nutritional and lifestyle changes that are specific to their type of cancer, and their treatment plan as set by their Oncologist. All nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations have been well researched and references are available.